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We have retained the services of Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) since 2011 to perform a series of studies ranging from Phase I to Phase III. Consequently, the study populations requested varied from healthy volunteers to populations with a specific disorder such as healthy volunteers suffering from common cold and persons with type 1 or type 2 diabetes (to address our needs). Although Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has traditionally focused on early stage clinical research, they have clearly shown their ability to recruit for and conduct Phase II and Phase III studies.

Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has distinguished itself by their very timely responses to request for proposals, protocol development and study execution. They have consistently delivered complete and very well written study reports on time and in compliance with regulatory expectations. We have been impressed and appreciative of the ongoing assistance and scientific guidance and with the remarkable courtesy and professionalism of their entire staff. We have also been very pleased with their record of timely recruitment, including ensuring an inventory of back-up study participants.

Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to explore new areas and incorporate tools and technologies to execute new study designs. For example, they have embraced complicated protocols including using insulin to induce hypoglycemia and have welcomed outside expertise to help them further develop internal capabilities. We have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Algorithme (now Altasciences) and consider them an important partner in our development efforts. We would highly recommend Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) to anyone that needs help with their clinical program.

Hélène Dulude, B.Pharm.,
Ph.D. Director, Clinical Development
Locemia Solutions ULC