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Altasciences has been at the forefront of bioavailability (BA) and bioequivalence (BE) testing for over 25 years. With extensive expertise working on a variety of compounds, we have an exceptional reputation for successfully conducting simple to complex BA/BE trials and have experience with regulatory agencies across the world.

We have a large pharmacokinetics (PK) database, which has supported the design and conduct of over 2 600 studies in hundreds of medications. Our PK database contains invaluable details of the design as well as the variability observed in previous studies, providing us with important data to calculate the required sample size. Our expertise covers the full range of drug administration routes, giving us a firm understanding of the specific PK requirements of each dosage form. We routinely develop and validate new bioanalytical methods for novel compounds so that we are ready when you need them. We have developed over 620 methods, all of which are reliable and reproducible, for your drug discovery and development.

Our fast recruitment and excellent retention rate will help you complete your study faster. With 600 beds at your disposal across three strategically located facilities in the U.S. and Canada, Altasciences has the capacity to conduct multiple-arm studies, or multiple studies at the same time.

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