Delays Starting Your Nonhuman Primate Studies?


Want to Start Your Nonhuman Primate Studies in Q3 2022? Here’s How.

Are you experiencing delays initiating your nonhuman primate (NHP) studies? We have the capacity, at our three preclinical sites, to start your studies two to three months following contracting, thanks to our steady supply of NHPs.  

At Altasciences, we do not rely on a single-source NHP supply chain. We remove the stress of sourcing research animals so that you can start your studies faster, with:

  • Dedicated and diversified cynomolgus monkey supply agreements in place to allow for faster start-up timelines
  • A continuously maintained and backfilled population of hundreds of naïve NHPs at our preclinical facility 

You can schedule newly contracted NHP studies to start in Q3 2022 immediately.

Contact us to schedule your NHP studies today.

Our Preclincal Facilities

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