Discover Our Truly Integrated Clinical and Bioanalytical Solution

The True Meaning of Moving in Unison

Join our VP of Global Clinical Operations, Ingrid Holmes, and our VP of Laboratory Sciences, Lynne Le Sauteur, as they share the secrets to the success of our integrated clinical and bioanalytical solution. You won't want to miss this!

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Dr Lynne Le Sauteur and Ingrid Holmes

  1. Proprietary Scheduling System:
    In this video, discover our game-changing, proprietary scheduling system, which is essential for hitting key client deliverables and managing internal milestones across departments and services with precision.

    Explore more about our innovative scheduling system here.

  2. Advantages of Being a Mid-Sized CRO:
    Flexibility and customized service are at the core of our operations. Our mid-sized stature allows for seamless communication between departments while offering comprehensive services.

    Discover the benefits of partnering with a flexible, mid-sized CRO here.

  3. Successful Project Case Study:
    In this interview, we highlight a real-world example of a challenging project where seamless communication and coordination, and the proximity of our lab and clinic were pivotal to exceeding client expectations and delivering outstanding results.

    See how we tackle complex projects successfully here.
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