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Top 10 Life Science Resources

Your time is precious. Therefore, we’ve curated a selection of recently published expert insights, tips, case studies, and scientific and regulatory information, just for you.


Nonclinical ressources

1. Blog: Q&A With Dr. Norbert Makori and Pierre Jolicoeur: The Benefits of Combining Preclinical and Bioanalytical Solutions for Your Gene Therapy Studies

Discover how integrated preclinical and bioanalytical services can benefit your gene therapy requirements, what platforms are available, and what advancements in gene therapy treatments our experts are anticipating. Read the blog.

2. ​​Webinar: Sinclair Nanopig™–The Next Generation, Non-Rodent Model for (Bio)Pharmaceuticals Safety Assessment

Learn about the advantages of factoring miniature swine into your species selection considerations, from cost-efficiency to lower body weight, and comparable toxicological data to beagles and Göttingen minipigs. Watch the webinar.


Clinical services

3. eBook: First-in-Human Solutions for Small and Large Molecules

Explore the benefits of a customized and integrated approach to your first-in-human (FIH) clinical trials. Read the eBook.

4. Webinar: On the Edge of Dermatology Early-Phase Trial

Innovaderm invited Altasciences for a roundtable discussion on the current landscape in early-phase dermatology clinical trials. Discover how these trials are instrumental in shaping innovative treatments and therapeutic strategies for dermatological conditions. Watch the webinar.


Bioanalytical services

5. Fact Sheet: Flow Cytometry Services

Uncover the scope of flow cytometry services available to you when partnering with Altasciences for your immunology and cell-based research. Read now.

6. Podcast: Sparking the Evolution of Microsampling with the Mitra® VAMS® Device

Jeff Plomley, Scientific Director, Method Development, discusses the history and evolution of microsampling with guest Dr. James Rudge, the co-inventor of the Mitra® VAMS® device, and Microsampling Technical Director of Neoteryx. Listen to the podcast.


Manufacturing and analytical services

7. Infographic: Choosing the Optimal Dosage Form for Your Molecule

Discover the advantages of liquid-filled, hard-shell capsules (LFHCs), and tablets, as well as which factors come into play when selecting the appropriate oral dosage form for your active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). View the infographic.

8. Ask an Altascientist: The Benefits of Nanomilling

Andrew Buis explains the valuable techniques and equipment utilized in nanomilling—a sophisticated process that breaks down API particles into smaller sizes to enhance their surface area and dissolution rate. Watch here.


CRO services

9. eBook: Regulatory Comparisons for Starting First-in-Human Clinical Trials

FIH trials are a critical first step for your drug development program. This eBook will show you how conducting Phase I research in North America can shorten timelines by as much as six weeks, in comparison to the EU and UK. Read the eBook to learn more.

10. Case Study: Streamlining Clinical Trial Start-up for Accelerated Drug Development

Learn how Altasciences was able to condense the start-up timeline for a Phase I study from the typical 12 weeks to three and a half, by emphasizing effective communication, strategic planning, and delegation of responsibilities. Read the case study.



Recent Regulatory Updates:

•   FDA: Guidance Draft – Early Alzheimer’s Disease: Developing Drugs for Treatment
•   FDA: Guidance Final Revision – Considerations for the Development of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cell Products
•   FDA: Guidance Final Revision – Clinical Pharmacology Considerations for Antibody-Drug Conjugates
•   FDA: Guidance Final Revision – Gene Therapy Products Incorporating Human Genome Editing
•   FDA: Final Rule – Biologics License Applications
•   FDA: Guidance Draft – Race and Ethnicity Data Terminology in Clinical Trials
•   EMA: Guideline – ICH Q14 Analytical Procedure Development
•   EMA: Guideline Revision – Clinical Evaluation of Medicinal Products Intended for Treatment of Hepatitis B