Expand Your Nonclinical Knowledge With Our ACT Scientific Posters

We are pleased to share with you three scientific posters that were presented by our nonclinical experts at the ACT 2022 Annual Meeting.

In Vivo and Histological Analysis of Focal Chorioretinal Defects in Dutch Belted Rabbits
This study analyzes the in vivo retinal microanatomy findings observed during pretest ophthalmic examination in laboratory rabbits. Listen or view the poster now.

Establishment of an Induced Hemophilia A Model in Anesthetized Cynomolgus Monkeys
Discover how to successfully establish an experimentally induced hemophilia A model in cynomolgus monkeys. Listen or view the poster now.

A Case Study Comparison of Traditional vs. Modified Methods for Surgical Closing and Post-Operative Treatment for Muscle Biopsy Sites in Nonhuman Primates
Learn how a modified method for surgical closing treatment in muscle biopsy sites in nonhuman primates can reduce post-operative complications, including dehiscence and infections. Listen or view the poster now.

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