Experts in Complex and Customized Formulations


Over 80% of drugs will fail during clinical development due to formulation challenges. Having developed, tested, and manufactured almost every type of dosage form on the market, Altasciences has the expertise to customize our services to your API’s needs, taking it through its entire lifecycle and ensuring its successful delivery ― from prototype formulation development, to scale-up and ICH stability, to clinical manufacturing and commercial supply.

Our scientists tailor your drug compound to ensure optimal solubility and bioavailability. In addition, we have extensive experience handling complex and highly potent products. Finally, our state-of the art technology and banding equipment make us leaders in the development of hard-shell, liquid-filled capsules ― a dosage form often required for poorly soluble, highly potent or low dose APIs.

Partner with us today to reduce your development timelines and risk of product failure.

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