Five Things you Need to Know about Scientific Affairs


Q&A with Catherine Dussault, Director of Scientific Affairs

Successful early phase drug development studies are grounded in a strong scientific rationale, and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements. Altasciences’ Scientific Affairs (SA) team combines these critical knowledge bases to support sponsors in designing and conducting the most appropriate studies for their unique development program.
Catherine Dussault, 
Director, Scientific Affairs,

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Catherine Dussault is the Director of Altasciences’ Scientific Affairs team. She has been with Altasciences since 2004; and is a senior scientific leader with a deep knowledge of regulatory framework for various drug development clinical research programs. Catherine has overseen over 2,000 clinical trials, including Phase I and II, FIH, bioequivalence, 505(b)(2), drug-drug interactions, QTc, and proof of concept, in both healthy normal and special patient populations. She has extensive experience in multiple therapeutic areas, such as central nervous system, GI tract and metabolism, cardiovascular, genito-urinary system and sex hormones, antineoplastic and immunomodulating, and anti-infective agents.