Formulate Your Drug Compound for Optimal Preclinical and Clinical Study Outcomes


Choose Excellence. Choose Success.

A well-designed formulation in preclinical studies ensures accurate dosing, stability, and safety of drug candidates, and provides essential data for regulatory submissions―contributing directly to the translational success of the drug compound from the preclinical to the clinical phase.

To successfully formulate your simple and complex APIs, our 64,000-sq.-ft., cGMP manufacturing facility in Philadelphia is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and processes that allow our scientists to provide:

      •   optimal drug solubility and bioavailability;
      •   dose accuracy and uniformity;
      •   PK/PD parameters;
      •   data on stability and shelf life; and
      •   optimal dosage form and route of administration.

Don't leave the formulation of your drug compound to chance.

Speak with one of our experts today to discuss your project, and let's bring your drug candidate one step closer to market.



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