Going Beyond the Science of Drug Abuse and Dependency

Opioid medications offer important benefits for pain management. They also have significant risks for abuse, dependency, and cognitive impacts. At Altasciences, we have leading-edge expertise in the scientific and clinical aspects of human abuse potential (HAP) evaluation, dependency assessment, and cognitive testing. We also devote significant time and resources to understanding the human behavioral elements of drug use, from recreational to abuse.

View the podcast series that takes a deeper look at the users behind the behavior, moderated by Dr. Beatrice Setnik, Chief Scientific Officer, and featuring Dr. Debra Kelsh, Psychiatrist and Principal Investigator at Altasciences:

  • Trailer—The Many Face of Recreational Drug Use
  • Episode 1—Introduction and interview with male, 30, opioid user
  • Episode 2—Brief introduction and interview with female, 46, opioid use disorder
  • Episode 3—Brief introduction and interview with male, 24, recreational poly-drug user

We seek to understand the genesis of the human story so that we can better influence the evolution, applying our expertise in opioid trials including HAP evaluation, driving simulation, abuse-deterrent formulations, and more, to this complex issue.