How to Overcome Formulation Challenges in Drug Development 


Over 80% of drugs will fail during clinical development ― formulation challenges and lack of efficacy being the major causes. 

How do we overcome these challenges?

Altasciences’ integrated approach combines formulation development for preclinical and clinical studies, analytical assay development and validation, excipient screening, GMP manufacturing, as well as finished product and release testing ― seamlessly transitioning your project from R&D to clinical supply.

Our expertise includes:

  • Scale-up and clinical/commercial manufacturing of drug products with complex formulations
  • Developing and manufacturing of liquid-filled, hard-shell capsules required for poorly soluble molecules and difficult formulations
  • Handling of potent compounds and controlled substances (Schedules I-V), with expertise in cannabinoids and psychedelic/hallucinogenic drugs
  • Manufacturing of wet nanomilled suspensions with scales up to 2,000 L 

By partnering with Altasciences, you will:

  • Reduce your timelines
  • Improve and accelerate critical decision making
  • Minimize risk of product failure

Trust your drug product development to a reliable, experienced CDMO.
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