Integrating Anatomic and Clinical Pathology into reports

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology datasets are critical when evaluating the safety and efficacy of a drug during the preclinical stage of drug development. Since anatomic and clinical pathology identify and characterize toxicity by different, yet complementary means, integrating both datasets provides a more comprehensive assessment for predicting important toxicities that could occur in humans.

Successful integration requires that anatomic and clinical pathologists collaborate closely. At least one of them must also understand the utility and limitations of both disciplines.

To ensure seamless integration of pathology data into the overall study report, our teams work closely with one another and follows established workflows and communication systems for every project. Additionally, our team can offer guidance on how to best use an integrated assessment for making critical decisions related to your drug candidate.

And, since one of our team members is a dual-certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist who brings over 25 years of drug development knowledge to Altasciences, you'll have a trusted partner available to guide you.

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