Looking to Reshore Your Drug Development Program?


Addressing the Biosecurity Act—A Network of Sites That Works for You

As geopolitical uncertainties still linger following the report of the Biosecurity Act, numerous pharmaceutical and biotech firms are prioritizing stability by reshoring their R&D outsourcing. Altasciences, with our nine facilities spread across the United States and Canada, is ideally positioned to meet your requirements.

Our network includes:

    •   preclinical facilities in Seattle, Sacramento, Columbia (MO), and Scranton;
    •   clinical units in Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Montréal;
    •   bioanalytical laboratories in Seattle, Columbia (MO), and Laval; and​​​​​​
    •   manufacturing facility in Philadelphia.

Discover more about each of our strategically located sites and how they can support your drug development programs.


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