Managing Challenging Bioanalysis for PK/PD Assessments for Phase I Biologics Studies


How to Maximize Drug Development Success of Biologics

Combining Phase I trial conduct of biologics and bioanalysis is critical for successful drug development. Clinical development relies heavily on bioanalytical experts to generate critical data to understand pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Altasciences:

  • Timed interim sample analysis for dose escalation decisions
  • Rapid turnaround of PK/PD analysis between cohorts 
  • Biomarker development and validation for exploratory or primary endpoints
  • On-site flow cytometry 
  • Centralized scheduling between clinic and lab
  • Ability to easily switch or combine platforms which are sensitive, have high throughput, and demonstrate exquisite specificity

Watch this complimentary webinar to see how you can overcome challenges throughout all phases of drug development.

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Altasciences transforms the traditional outsourcing paradigm by simplifying and streamlining solutions, whether for a single study or multiple programs, to offer an integrated/synchronized approach to CRO and CDMO services from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept, and beyond.