Must-Read Scientific Posters Presented by Our Preclinical Experts



Hot off the press! We're excited to showcase our latest collection of 11 new scientific posters, unveiled at the 
63rd Annual Society of Toxicology (SOT) Meeting.

Dive deep into a series of preclinical findings:

•    Sinclair Nanopig™: From Multi-Omics Characterization to Pharmacology and Toxicology Validation: Underline Drug Metabolism and Immune System Presented by Yafei Chen, Senior Research Fellow, Pathology Services

•    Cross-Comparison of Immunophenotyping Assay Performance in Naïve Filipino, Mauritian, and Cambodian Nonhuman Primates Presented by Derek Hanson, Principal Scientist

•    Historical Background Data in Juvenile Cynomolgus Monkeys: Comparative Immunotoxicology and Pathology of Different Origins Presented by Narine Lalayeva, Associate Director, Safety Assessment

•    Cross-Comparison of Biomarker Assay Performance in Naïve Philippines, Cambodian, and Mauritius, and Non-Naïve Mauritius Cynomolgus Macaque Nonhuman Primates Presented by Catherine Schilffarth, Associate Director, Operations, Laboratory Sciences

•    28-Day Intranasal Toxicity Study of MMS019 in Sprague Dawley Rats and Dogs Presented by Kyle Klepner, Senior Scientist, Study Director, Safety Assessment

•    Tissue Biopsy Collections in Nonhuman Primates During Toxicology Studies: A Comparison of Findings with Animals Not Sampled Presented by Narine Lalayeva, Associate Director, Safety Assessment

•    Incidence of Neutralizing Adeno-Associated Viral Antibody Subtypes in Cynomolgus Monkeys of Cambodian, Mauritius, and Philippines Origins Presented by Julie Forget, Senior Director, Safety Assessment

•    Development of a Novel Early Intervention Stabilization for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Presented by Timothy J. Madsen, Associate Scientific Director, General Toxicology

•    Development of a Canine Prostatectomy Model for Use in the Toxicity Evaluation of Oncology Drugs  Presented by Ahmed Abdalla, Associate Scientist, Study Director

•    Comparison of Safety Pharmacology End Points Used on Toxicology Studies Across Differing Cynomolgus Monkey Origins Presented by Jean-Christophe Queudot, Associate Director, Safety Pharmacology 

•    Clinical Pathology Reference Data for the Philippine Cynomolgus Monkey for Preclinical Toxicology Studies Presented by Dr. Johanna Rigas, Veterinary Clinical Pathologist

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