Ocular Toxicology ― Keeping an EYE on Success


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Altasciences has performed safety assessments of test articles administered via numerous ocular routes for over 50 years, including for nanoparticles and ocular implants.

Common routes of administration include, but are not limited to: 

  • Intravitreal injection 
  • Subretinal injection 
  • Anterior chamber injection 
  • Subconjunctival injection 
  • Topical instillation

We have supported a significant number of successful global regulatory submissions in terms of study design, conduct, and data integrity. Study durations have ranged from single-dose acute studies to six- and nine-month studies.

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Altasciences transforms the traditional outsourcing paradigm by simplifying and streamlining solutions, whether for a single study or multiple programs, to offer an integrated/synchronized approach to CRO and CDMO services from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept, and beyond.