Planning a First-In-Human Clinical Trial?


Unique FIH Solutions
for Small and Large Molecules

Advancing your molecule to first-in-human (FIH) clinical trials is a major milestone. Our FIH solution provides a customized approach that is safe, and delivers quality data with speed and ease.

This eBook provides an overview of how our unique process can facilitate your early-phase clinical program:

    •   small molecule manufacturing experts quickly formulate your drug product and deliver it to the clinical site, ready for dosing;
    •   coordinated processes between our clinic and our bioanalytical labs;
    •   timed interim sample analysis for proactive dose escalation decisions and rapid turnaround of PK/PD analysis between cohorts;
    •   transparent communication between our teams and locations, and strict attention to early-phase timelines; and
    •   a database of over 400,000 normal healthy volunteers and strict safety protocols.

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