Say Goodbye to Clinical Trial Delays!


Your Passport to Success 

At Altasciences, we understand the importance of streamlining your drug development process and ensuring the highest quality results. We provide a comprehensive, North American solution that significantly enhances the clinical trial phase, from design and conduct to compiling data for regulatory submission.

Here's why Altasciences is your ideal CRO partner:

  1. We conduct trials in both Canada and the U.S.
    You can experience expedited timelines by conducting trials in Canada, giving you a competitive edge right from the start. Our expertise in navigating Health Canada's CTA process ensures smooth and efficient approvals. Discover more: An Overview of Health Canada's CTA Process
  2. We have optimized workflows for efficient bioanalytical sample processing.
    Save time with our optimized workflows that ensure timely processing, transport, and analysis of your samples. Our co-located clinics and labs in both Canada and the U.S. work seamlessly to accelerate your data. Watch how: Accelerate Your Data With Our Canadian Co-located Clinic and Lab
  3. We can prevent repeated Phase I studies for drugs intended for the Asian market.
    Speed up approval of your drug in Asian markets by conducting your trials at our clinical site in L.A., one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the U.S. Our expertise in ethnobridging trials can pave the way for your global market access. Learn more: Shortening Drug Development Timelines With Asian Ethnobridging Trials
  4. We have driving simulators on-site.
    For CNS drugs that need assessment of their impact on driving ability, start your study faster and with lower costs thanks to our on-site driving simulators in Montréal. 13,000+ simulated drives completed to date! Learn how: Studying the Effects of Drugs on Driving
  5. We specialize in human abuse potential assessments.
    Benefit from experience at our Kansas City clinical site—we have successfully conducted over 60 HAP studies, including for stimulants, opioids, and sedative-hypnotics. Read more: Assessing Human Abuse Potential to Limit the Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs
  6. We offer specialized ophthalmology expertise.
    Benefit from combined clinical and scientific expertise specific to ophthalmology and our co-located ophthalmic clinic. See how: Co-located Canadian Ophthalmology Center for All Your Early Phase Development Needs


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