Top 5 Scientific Resources in CNS Clinical Trials


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Altasciences has an extensive understanding of psychiatric and neurologic disorders, stemming from our decades of conducting complex studies in various therapeutic indications impacting the central nervous system.

Here are some of our most insightful scientific resources in the area of CNS drug development:

Webinar: A Square Peg in a Round Hole–Navigating the Unique Attributes of Psychedelic Drug Development
Altasciences’ panel of experts discuss the FDA’s recently published guidelines for early-phase clinical development of psychedelics and the assessment of abuse potential. Watch Now

The Altascientist: Central Nervous System
Early-phase development of CNS-acting drugs is a complex, challenging undertaking.
In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the multiple facets you need to consider during the planning and conduct of your CNS-active drug development. Learn More

The Altascientist: CNS, Psychedelics, and Other Schedule I Drugs
In this scientific journal, we uncover the regulatory environment and challenges, the required preclinical and clinical studies specific to Schedule I or Class I (CI) drugs, and the manufacturing considerations for CNS-active drugs. Learn More

The Altascientist: Studying the Effects of Drugs on Driving
Driving simulation studies are required by the FDA when preclinical and early clinical studies show that a drug may cause somnolence or impair cognition. Discover the challenges of driving simulation clinical testing. Learn More

The Altascientist: Human Abuse Potential Studies
The 2017 FDA guidance states that a broad range of CNS drugs require human abuse potential (HAP) studies to evaluate the abuse liability of drugs in development before a drug reaches the market. The complicated regulatory pathway for HAP requires individualized consulting for each type of study. Watch Now

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