Top Scientific Resources of 2021

Top Scientific Resources of 2021

With the year coming to an end, we rounded-up some of our most insightful scientific resources from 2021. Check out what you may have missed, discover more about our areas of expertise, and learn how we can help you accelerate your drug development program.


The Altascientist: Planning your Preclinical Assessment for a Successful Regulatory Submission
A thorough review of IND requirements and preclinical program considerations, including a guide to help you estimate small molecule and biologic timelines.
Read More

The Altascientist: Safety Pharmacology Guidelines and Practices – A Review
How to reduce the use of test animals, save time, and ensure quality data. Read More

Podcast: Consultant Series ― A chat with Dr. John Atkinson, Founder of Atkinson Toxicology Consulting
Dr. Atkinson’s journey in the drug development industry, his experience as the former president of the American College of Toxicology, what to look for in a CRO partner, and much more. Listen Now

The Altascientist: Planning your First-in-Human Trial
A thorough review of the first-in-human clinical trial process, including planning and conduct. Read More

Blog: Ethnobridging Supports Global Clinical Development
Historical background on ethnobridging and how it developed into a mainstream strategy. Learn More

Webinar: The Brain on Drugs: The Strategic Use of Cognitive Measures and Biomarkers in Early-Phase CNS Drug Studies 
Key clinical and bioanalytical considerations when it comes to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics data specific to biologics. Watch Now

E-Book: Liquid-Filled Capsules: Getting Your Drug to the Clinic – FAST
How liquid-filled, hard-shell capsules can help accelerate drug development programs and entry into clinical trials. Read More

The Altascientist: Terminal Sterilization of Pharmaceutical Products
Why regulatory agencies, such as the FDA and EMA, prefer terminal sterilization over aseptic processing. Learn More

Webinar: Overcoming the Challenges of Manufacturing and Clinical Trials
An overview of our pharmacy and manufacturing services, including a recent case study. Watch Now

Webinar: Patient Centricity and the Evolving Role of Microsampling
An in-depth bioanalytical and clinical exploration of microsampling technology and its significance in supporting patient-centric healthcare initiatives, along with case studies to demonstrate.  Watch Now

Insert: Flow Cytometry Solutions to Support your Preclinical and Clinical Studies
An overview of our flow cytometry services, on-site equipment, flow markers, and NHP panels to support your preclinical and clinical studies. Read More

Infographic: The Key To Selecting The Right Bioanalytical Platform For Your Molecule
How to expedite your research goals by proactively selecting the best pathway for your unique molecule. Learn More

Quick Chat: A Seamless Experience, Thanks to Expert Scientific Project Management
An inside look at Altasciences' Scientific Project Management team, our company culture, and how we assign project and program managers. Watch Now

Webinar: Demystifying the CTA Process in Canada
Benefits of conducting FIH trials in Canada for biopharmaceutical companies. Watch Now

Interview: Five Things to Know About Scientific Affairs
Catherine Dussault, Director of Scientific Affairs, discusses how her team is able to design and conduct the most appropriate study for each unique development program. Read More

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