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Listen to the Latest Scientific Audiobook Releases

Delve deeper into the critical processes behind early phase drug development with audio versions of eBooks and The Altascientist, written by our experts with you in mind:

The Altascientist Issue 30

The Altascientist: Issue 30 — The Evolution and Advancement of LCMS in Drug Development
Learn how the latest LC-MS advancements ensure accurate and precise data delivery in your drug development program.
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The Altascientist issue 28

The Altascientist: Issue 28 — Applications of Liquid-Filled, Hard-Shell Capsules in Drug Development
Discover the advantages that liquid-filled, hard-shell capsules offer for the formulation of highly potent APIs and drugs that benefit from slow or extended release.
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The Altascientist Issue 29

The Altascientist: Issue 29 — Building Your Early Phase Clinical Trial Data, From Protocol to Regulatory Submission
Explore best practices and approaches for mitigating challenges when it comes to your data and bringing your drug to market.
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FIH eBook

eBook: First-in-Human Solution for Small and Large Molecules
Uncover Altasciences' comprehensive, multi-service solution for your first-in-human trials—beyond the clinic.
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