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Delve deeper into the critical processes behind early phase drug development with audio versions of The Altascientist, written by our experts with you in mind:

Issue 34 — Toxicokinetics, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics
Take a closer look at the collection and use of a novel drug's PK/PD data in early phase drug development, and why this data is critical to setting up your clinical trials.
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Issue 35 — Critical Considerations for the Compliant Manufacture of Highly Potent Drugs
Learn how facilities, equipment, and processes for HPAPIs should be adapted to maximize safety and success for your development projects.
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Issue 36 — Nonclinical Studies in Cell and Gene Therapy
Discover expert approaches to mitigating complex challenges, improving study efficiency, and maximizing translational opportunities to first-in-human trials.
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Issue 37 — Quantitative PCR (qPCR) and Droplet Digital (ddPC)
Foster a more comprehensive understanding of PCR and discover a more sophisticated approach to data analysis and experimentation.
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