December 2022

Top 15 Scientific Resources of 2022

With the year coming to an end, we rounded-up some of our most insightful scientific resources from 2022. Check out what you missed, revisit the expertise we shared, and discover how Altasciences accelerates your drug development programs.

Preclinical Resources
  1. eBook: Nonclinical Safety Testing Guide for a Successful Regulatory Submission
    Use this guide to navigate your critical preclinical drug development program. Read or listen.
  2. Webinar: Case Studies — Adversity Level Determination in Nonclinical Toxicity Studies
    Get first-hand expert insight on common practices and guidances applied by CROs to characterize adversity. Watch now.
  3. Webinar: How Do I Select the Right Species for My Toxicology Program?
    Find out how your compound’s metabolism profile impacts species justification and IND-enabling program design. Watch now.
Clinical Resources
  1. The Altascientist: Issue 24 — Shortening Drug Development Timelines With Asian Ethnobridging Trials
    Uncover the ways in which ethnobridging can help minimize development time lags for drugs destined for Asian populations. Read or listen.
  2. Webinar: Inside the Pharmacodynamic Toolbox
    Learn how strategic design and targeted use of pharmacodynamic measures can greatly assist in evaluating the safety and potential efficacy of a new drug entity in the early stages of clinical development. Watch now.
  3. Webinar: The Many Advantages of Conducting Early Phase Clinical Trials in North America
    Discover the wide range of benefits of conducting clinical trials in North America, including access to diverse groups of participants and opportunities to accelerate your program. Watch now.
Manufacturing and Analytical Services
  1. The Altascientist: Issue 22 — Nanomilling for Better Solubility and Improved Bioavailability
    Dive into how patent extensions or 505(b)(2) new patents for poorly water soluble drugs currently on the market become possible with nanomilling. Read or listen.
  2. The Altascientist: Issue 28 — Applications of Liquid-Filled, Hard-Shell Capsules in Drug Development
    Explore the numerous applications of LFHCs as well as their formulation process development, the role of excipients, and their specific benefits during early phase clinical development. Read or listen.
  3. Podcast: Key Considerations as You Take Your Molecule From Formulation, to Development, to Commercialization
    Listen as our experts explain the benefits of partnering with an integrated CRO/CDMO that has the drug development and manufacturing expertise to move your product quickly from each development phase to the next, seamlessly. Listen now.
Bioanalytical Resources
  1. eBook: Key Biomarkers of Immunomodulation: Complement Factors and Cytokines
    Examine how personalized treatments for cancers and genetic diseases have pushed research and development for these conditions into biologics, vaccines, and small molecules that may have unintended consequences due to their immunomodulatory effects. Read or listen.
  2. eBook: Bioanalytical Developments for the Analysis of Antisense Oligonucleotides
    Discover how, with the ability to target the source of a disease's pathogenesis, antisense oligonucleotides demonstrate a promising modality for intractable diseases and hereditary disorders. Read or listen.
  3. Webinar: Development of a Cell-based Assay for Dual Purposes
    Learn how developing cell-based assays to identify biological activity and determine the presence of anti-drug antibodies can result in time and cost savings. Listen now.
Research Support Resources
  1. The Altascientist: Issue 26 — CDISC Data Standards
    See how you can get to sound, swift go/no-go decisions, with data that is of high quality and easy to interpret. Read or listen.
  2. Webinar: The Path Forward, Altasciences’ Approach to Project Management
    Watch to learn how Altasciences' project and program managers work with key internal and external stakeholders to lower program costs and reduce timelines by up to 40%. Watch now.
  3. Q&A: Setting Up Your Clinical Research for Success
    Set the foundation for the success of your clinical trial by partnering with a CRO that offers integrated and comprehensive research support services, such as protocol development and reporting. Read the Q&A or watch the full interview.

BONUS: Learn what over 143 pharmaceutical executives told us about the most important factors they look for when selecting a CRO partner. Read more.

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