For your early phase research, our experts in clinical trial services ensure the design and conduct of clinical pharmacology and early efficacy studies generate the data that meets your objectives, leveraging preclinical data in the design of the programs that move your drug candidate to proof of concept. We have expertise in all the clinical pharmacology studies for regulatory submissions, in a wide range of therapeutic areas, for small molecules, biologics, and 505(b)(2) or Hybrid applications, on behalf of biopharmaceutical companies of every size.

Partner with us for your early phase studies. We customize our process to suit your requirements—working with you to leverage preclinical data, and conducting the testing that takes your programs through to proof of concept. We offer comprehensive services for wide range of study types on behalf of biopharma companies of every size.

Consult our Clinical Services Fact Sheet for more information on our clinical trial service capabilities.

Consult our Pharmacy on Demand Fact Sheet to see how we save you time with integrated processes and synergies between manufacturing and clinic.

Consult our Clinical Sample Kits Fact Sheet to learn more about our streamlined sample management process, and comprehensive kits that include all your sample collection and shipment needs, such as pre-labelled, color-coded tubes, transfer pipettes, sorting and shipping containers, and so much more.


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