Angel joined Altasciences in July 2023. As General Manager, CDMO Services, he oversees day-to-day analytical and manufacturing operations, in addition to managing client relations. Before Altasciences, Angel most recently worked for Catalent. He brings over a decade of experience in management and supervisory roles, and has demonstrated an impeccable standard in ensuring compliance with cGMP policies.

Get to know Angel with this Q&A:

Why did you choose a profession in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

I enjoy a challenge! In drug development, every day is a new day. Whether it is a new program, new client relationship, new regulation, or new equipment, you are constantly learning. I also appreciate what the drug development field stands for.

What do you like the most about your job as General Manager, CDMO Services?

I enjoy the variety in projects and tasks. I also get to work with people of different backgrounds, styles, and approaches to problem-solving. I collaborate and gain a ton of knowledge and experience from each person I work with. I take what I learn and help the next client or team member. I continue to grow in this industry—it rapidly changes, and it’s important to stay on top of these changes to provide clients with the most appropriate solutions.

I also feel passionate about being a mentor, and helping people leave their comfort zones and take their career aspirations further.

What do you enjoy doing on your off time?

I enjoy traveling with my family. Getting to experience new adventures together is exciting. I’m also a gearhead and always looking for my next project car!


What is one of your proudest achievements? 

In my personal life, becoming a parent is by far my proudest achievement. My son has reminded me how much of a sacrifice my parents made for me. Watching him grow is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. He is quite a little character, but I wouldn’t change him for the world!


In my career, overcoming adversity has been my proudest achievement. When I would get passed on for a job or opportunity, I would seek feedback on what was needed or missing. I never let a “no” get me down. Instead, I would work harder, and I solidified myself as an integral role of any team by fully understanding daily tasks and, when it made sense, simplifying them for both myself and others. This helped me foster many relationships, opened opportunities that I did not know existed, and made me a better leader and person overall. 

What is a quote that’s meaningful to you?

One of my mentors as I grew my career once said to me: “This is the closest thing you can do outside of being a doctor that helps people, every day.” This makes me work harder to meet timelines, overcome obstacles, ensure quality in every decision I make, and ultimately get medication to those in need—time and time again.

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