Development of a Flow Cytometry Phospho-STAT5 Assay in Nonhuman Primate T Cells

Strategies for Reducing the Number of Animals in Toxicity Testing: A Comparative Approach for Rodent and Large Animal Studies

Comparison of Toxicology Assessment Baseline Data Collected Using Two Restraint Methods in Nonhuman Primates: Restraint Chair/Pole and Collar vs. Procedure Cage

Bioanalysis—Three Decades in the Making

Improving Your Quality Toolbox with Quality Metrics

Inside the Pharmacodynamic Toolbox: How Questionnaires, Models, and Tests of Cognition Can Accelerate the Development of CNS-Active Drugs

In Vivo and Histological Analysis of Focal Chorioretinal Defects in Dutch Belted Rabbits

Establishment of an Induced Hemophilia A Model in Anesthetized Cynomolgus Monkeys

A Case Study Comparison of Two Preclinical Studies Utilizing Traditional Versus Modified Methods for Surgical Closing and Post-Operative Treatment for Muscle Biopsy Sites in Nonhuman Primates

Characterization of Normal Skin Thickness For Various Body Regions, Ages, and Genders of Yucatan Miniature Swine

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