Our Solutions


Equipped with state-of-the-art analytical laboratories and on-site, ICH-compliant stability chambers, our laboratory is ready to handle all your needs.

Our facility offers the standard ICH conditions, as well as custom storage conditions. Our environmental chambers are continuously monitored by Rees Scientific, a centralized monitoring system. Rees Scientific provides us with real-time alerts to ensure samples remain within your desired specifications. All of our stability chambers are on our backup generator.

Current conditions:

  • -80 °C
  • -20 °C
  • 5 °C (walk-in chamber)
  • 25 °C/60% RH (walk-in chamber)
  • 30 °C/65% RH
  • 30 °C/75% RH
  • 40 °C/75% RH

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Working as a flexible, attentive extension of your team, we offer all you need to move your molecule forward.