Get Improved Bioavailability and Stability With This Dosage Form

The choice of dosage form in drug development depends on various factors, such as the properties of the API, the therapeutic goals, and regulatory considerations. Taking those factors into account, liquid-filled, hard-shell capsules (LFHCs) offer several advantages compared to other traditional solid oral dosage forms, such as:

•    improved solubility and bioavailability
•    enhanced stability
•    customizable release profiles
•    flexibility of formulation
•    faster onset of action
•    potential for combination therapies
•    improved patient compliance in clinical trials

To learn more about the application of LFHCs in drug development, and how they can accelerate your timeline, consult the resources below.

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Case Study: Rapid Development of a Liquid-filled, Hard-Shell Capsule Formulation of Cannabidiol

To find out if your compound is suitable for LFHCs, speak with one of our experts today.