Interview with the North American 3Rs of Animals in Research Collaborative


Dr. LaFollette from NA3RsC Talks Animal Welfare!


Altasciences’ important role in the drug development process comes with the significant responsibility of ensuring the welfare of our research animals, a responsibility that we take extremely seriously.

Altasciences is committed to doing everything possible to minimize the number of animals used and ensure that the animals used are treated with care, dignity, and the utmost respect.

Dr. Christina Cruzen, Attending Veterinarian and Chief Animal Welfare Officer, had the opportunity to interview Dr. Megan R. LaFollette, Program Manager at The North American 3Rs of Animals in Research Collaborative (NA3RsC), to discuss the importance of animal welfare, the 3Rs, how the role of animal research is changing, rat tickling as a refinement technique, and much more.

Enjoy the interview!

3Rs Podcast

Contact Dr. Cruzen to further discuss all things animal welfare.

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