Most Recent Scientific Posters Presented by Our Preclinical Experts



Get ready for a must-read experience! We are pleased to share with you seven new scientific posters we presented at the 44th Annual American College of Toxicology (ACT) Meeting.

Delve into a spectrum of preclinical topics below: 

•    Introducing the Philippine Cynomolgus Macaque (Macaca Fascicularis Philippensis) as a Research Model in Drug Safety Assessment. Yafei Chen, MS, Senior Research Fellow

•    Comparison of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Parameters in Three Strains of Research Pigs; Sinclair Nanopig™, Göttingen Minipig®, and Yucatan™ Miniature Swine. Miri Pannu, MS, Associate Scientific Director

•    Creation of a Swine Model of Oral Angioedema. Kyle Klepner, Senior Study Director

•    Intravenous Sampling and Administration in Rodents: Overcoming Challenges of Using Vascular Access Buttons™. 
Dr. Gabriela Campoy, DVM, Associate Scientist, Study Director

•    Understanding Species Variation in the Occurrence of Spontaneous Background Eye Lesions in Toxicology Studies: A Comparative Study. Dr. Nirmala Chinnappareddy, BVSc, PhD, DABT, ERT, Scientist/Study Director

•    Historical Review of In-Life Data from Preclinical Studies Utilizing AAVs for Gene Therapy. Julie Forget, DESS Tox, DABT, Senior Director Safety Assessment

•    Proposed Best Practices for Optimizing the Number of Animals in Toxicology Studies. Narine Lalayeva, MS, Associate Director, Safety Assessment

Questions? Speak with one of our experts about your small or large molecule preclinical projects. We can get your study started within the next two months!