The Real Reason Why Sponsors Choose Liquid-Filled Capsules Over Tablets in Drug Development


Applications Of Liquid-Filled Hard‑Shell Capsules In Drug Development

Often selected for drugs with poor solubility/bioavailability, liquid-filled hard-shell capsules (LFHCs) have various applications and specific benefits over other solid oral dosage forms in different phases of pharmaceutical development.

In this issue of The Altascientist, you will find:

  • Applications of LFHCs 
  • Advantages of LFHCs over other solid oral dosage forms
  • The process for developing an LFHC formulation 
  • The role of excipients 
  • CASE STUDY: The Rapid Development of an LFHC Formulation of Cannabidiol

The Altascientist issue 28 - Liquid-Filled Capsules

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