Take a Look! Four New Nonclinical Posters


We are pleased to share with you the four scientific posters that were presented by our nonclinical experts at the annual SOT meeting.

Detection of Plasma Cells and their Precursors in Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood 
Plasma cells are antibody-producing B cells that play a major role in conferring immune protection, but can also contribute to the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, and hematologic cancers like multiple myeloma. Read more.

Evaluating Cytokine Data in Non-human Primate Safety Assessment Studies 
Cytokines are cell-signaling small proteins classified as either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. With the increasing number of biologics and immune-modulating drugs being developed, the evaluation of cytokine levels as potential biomarkers in safety assessment studies has become more common. Read more.

Historical Control Reference Values of Cambodian Cynomolgus Macaque Blood Gases 
Measuring blood gases can be useful in identifying drug-related respiratory changes like blood changes in the diffusion of gases from the lungs into the bloodstream. For small molecule pharmaceuticals, ICH S7 identifies hemoglobin oxygen saturation (sO2) as a potential part of the core respiratory battery, while other blood gases (e.g., pO2 and pCO2) can be used for supplemental assessment. Read more.

Multiplexed Cytokine Comparison Across Two Species Dosed with the Same Drug
Questions often asked include which assay platform to use (Meso Scale Discovery or Luminex xMAP®), and how relatable are the results between small animals (e.g.,rats) and large animals (e.g., non-human primates)… Our analysis revealed commonalities and differences in cytokine responses across species. Read more.

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