December 2021

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The Altascientist: Scientific Journal

Read the latest issue: “Psychedelics and Entactogens: Challenges Associated with Schedule I Therapeutics”.

Four Reasons to Choose Altasciences as Your Flow Cytometry Partner

Given the highly specialized nature of flow cytometry testing and the unique set of competencies required to carry it out, choosing the right partner is key to ensuring a successful study.

Psychedelics — Regulatory Environment Challenges

In the past, stigmatization and criminalization have blocked psychedelics from realizing their full potential in medicine and scientific research. Now, with growing research and education, this is all changing. In this article, we explore the past, present, and future regulatory environment for Schedule I therapeutic development.

Citeline Awards Names Altasciences as a Finalist for Best Sponsor-facing Technology Initiative of 2021

Altasciences was shortlisted for its proprietary database, Ask Albert. Ask Albert is behind our commitment to fueling integration and facilitating information-sharing across departments and sites, so that you only have to Tell Us Once™.

Respira Technologies, Inc. Chooses Altasciences to Manufacture World's First Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Altasciences’ CDMO site in Philadelphia, PA will manufacture the world’s first FDA-approved inhaled smoking cessation therapy. This treatment uses RespiRx™, a vibrating mesh nebulizer (VMN) with a disposable cartridge that is maintenance-free, reliable, and eliminates the risk of patient misuse.

Global Business Reports Interviews Altasciences’ CEO

In a one-on-one interview with GBR, Chris Perkin discusses Altasciences’ place in early phase drug development, the company’s evolution, and its vision for the industry.

XORTX Therapeutics Partners with Altasciences for Clinical Study on Kidney Disease Treatment

The clinical study is in support of developing a treatment for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and for acute kidney injury associated with Coronavirus infection.

CDMO Expansion Continues with Additional Facilities in Philadelphia

Contract Pharma reports on the continuing expansion of Altasciences’ CDMO site, specifically the launch of a second client-dedicated building project. 

Altasciences Contributes to the Clinical Development of Bisoprolol/Ramipril Fixed-Dose Combination

Read about the study findings of three studies conducted at Altasciences in this article published in Clinical and Translational Science.

Up Close and Personal with… Dr. Denise Milovan

Meet Altasciences’ Scientific Manager, Biostatistics, Data Services, at Altasciences.

Moving Your Drug Forward to Preclinical Trials

Discover key considerations when planning to transition from drug discovery to preclinical trials.

The Next Trip: Developing the Second Generation of Psychedelics and Their Analogs for Targeted Medical Use

Read about how, after years of stagnation, this field of research is being revitalized by the investigation of their potential benefit of mainstream psychiatric applications.


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