Outsourcing Drug Development

  • Outsourcing Drug Development
  • Getting to the Heart of Science with Amber malloy

    Amber Malloy, Analytical Associate III, Altasciences

    Medhealth Outlook: Altasciences—The Most Powerful and Integrated CRO/CDMO Solution

    Altasciences' Proactive Drug Development Solution: Biologics

    Since 2004, the average cost of bringing a new drug to market has increased from $800 million to about $2.6 billion, without, for the most part, shorter development time

    We want novel therapies to be approved fast, while being safe for us. Regulatory agencies around the world strive to balance the critical elements of speed and safety; at the same time, a rigorous review process is a must. 

    Cell-based assays are usually used to represent the mechanism of action (MoA) of the administered drug. Throughout various stages of drug development, they may be used for different purposes. These include detecting the presence of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) and evaluating a drug’s potency. In Altasciences’ webinar, “Development of a Cell-Based Assay,” Dr.

    Altasciences' Proactive Drug Development Solution: Small Molecules

    Key Biomarkers of Immunomodulation: Complement Factors and Cytokines

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    Tying together the phases of your drug development program are the essential research support services that help your drug candidates not only meet their milestones, but also regulator

    Regulatory processes can be challenging, and potential solutions can be found in broadening your focus to include clinical sites in the U.S. and Canada for your drug development strategy. With an understanding of how regulatory agencies and market environments may differ, you will be in a better position to optimize your program. In Altasciences’ on-demand webinar, A Hop Across the Pond, Ingrid Holmes, Vice President of Global Clinical Operations, and Dr.

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