September 2022

Our Altascientists are hard at work, whether it’s on your drug development projects or producing insightful scientific resources to share their knowledge with you. Catch up on what you may have missed, or revisit some highlights from the last three months.

The Drug Development Journey

A Message from Our CEO to You
Each quarter, Chris Perkin reflects on the past, present, and future of Altasciences.

News: Hoth Therapeutics Chooses Altasciences to Manufacture HT-TBI
Hoth Therapeutics, Inc., a patient-focused biopharmaceutical company, has signed an agreement with Altasciences to manufacture HT-TBI, a novel point-of-care therapy for the treatment and/or prevention of secondary brain injury resulting from ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Award Announcement: Altasciences named finalist for Scrip Awards 2022
Altasciences was placed on the Scrip Awards 2022 shortlist for “Best Contract Research Organization — Full-Service Providers.” The Scrip Awards recognize the best innovations and achievements in global biopharma among 400 industry leaders.

Audiobook Series: Listen to all issues of your favorite scientific journal, The Altascientist
Our full library of The Altascientist is now available as audiobooks. Whether you want to listen in the car, on the trails, or in the comfort of your own home or office, catching up on the latest explorations in early phase drug development has never been easier.

Scientific Journal: Issue 27—Complexities of Early Phase Ophthalmic Drug Development
Drug development in the ocular space has specific challenges. The eye is a multi-faceted organism, and has many barriers to drug delivery. Read or listen to Issue 27 of The Altascientist.

News: A Conversation with Chris Perkin, a Forward Thinker in the Research Space!
Insights Care interviewed CEO Chris to learn about his journey through nearly 50 years in the CRO industry, as well as Altasciences’ flexible, proactive solution.

Preclinical Services

On-Demand Webinar: Animal Disease Models and Overcoming Technical Challenges—Experimentally Induced Hemophilia Type A
Dr. Norbert Makori, Vice President, Toxicology, discusses disease models and how to overcome the technical challenges in developing an animal model for hemophilia type A.

Audiobook: Altasciences’ Nonclinical Safety Testing Guide
Advancing your best candidate for regulatory submissions requires a careful assessment of efficacy and toxicity prior to entering human trials. This audiobook provides a high-level overview for the preclinical component of your drug development program.

Clinical Services

Blog: Five Reasons to Place Early Phase Clinical Research in Canada
Conducting your early phase clinical research in Canada can result in significant time and cost savings, in addition to other advantages.

Quick Chat: The Makings of a CNS Center of Excellence (with Dr. Milovan)
In this 5-minute interview, Dr. Denise Milovan, Senior Neuroscientist and Neuropsychologist, shares her work experience and insight on what makes Altasciences a CNS Center of Excellence.

Scientific Journal: Issue 25—Flexibility in Phase I Study Timing
A Phase I and II combined protocol can give you an earlier, more complete understanding of your drug. Read or listen to Issue 25 of The Altascientist for a deeper look at the possibilities (includes two case scenarios).​​​​​

Manufacturing and Analutical Services

Quick Chat: Complex and Customized Formulation Development (with Andrew Buis)
Not every CDMO is able or equipped to formulate, manufacture, analyze, and handle your highly potent APIs and controlled substances. Andrew Buis, Senior Formulation Scientist, describes how the experience and training of Altasciences' experts offers unique advantages to partners.

News: Altasciences Continues Manufacturing Expansion in Philadelphia with a Client-Dedicated Building Project
Alongside long-standing partner Alladapt Immunotherapeutics, Inc., we celebrated the groundbreaking of our latest CDMO expansion: a client-dedicated, 53,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art building to meet Alladapt’s Phase III and commercial requirements.

On-Demand Webinar: Advantages of Terminal Sterilization Over Aseptic Manufacturing
It is a regulatory requirement that drug products be terminally sterilized as long as they are able to withstand it. Derek Prince, President at Prince Sterilization Services, and our own Andrew Buis discuss how this process is less complex, less time-consuming, and less costly, and more easily reproducible than aseptic manufacturing.

Bioanalytical Services

Podcast: Microsampling—When Small Steps Lead to Big Outcomes
Dr. Donald Chace, Senior Application and Product Specialist at Capitainer, and Jeff Plomley, Scientific Director at Altasciences, discuss device technology, the importance of acquiring precise and accurate data, and much more.

Blog: Five Lesser-Known Uses for PCR
PCR testing has been in the spotlight as the most reliable way of screening for COVID-19 in patients since the beginning of the pandemic. But what is PCR? And what are its other uses?

Research Support Services

Scientific Journal: Issue 26—CDISC Data Standards
CDISC and SEND standards simplify and speed up analysis of your drug development program’s data, facilitating regulatory review. Read or listen to Issue 26 of The Altascientist to learn how.