Whether you are embarking on Preclinical safety testing, Phase I clinical trials, or need manufacturing services for commercialization, Altasciences is here to help. We are able to fulfill your drug formulation, development, and manufacturing requirements for any stage of development, including analytical testing. 

Here are six reasons why Altasciences should be your CDMO drug development partner:

1. Formulation Expertise

We have mastered the art of formulation. A wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are developed in our cGMP manufacturing and analytical facility, which includes Grade C/D cleanrooms for highly potent products. When clients have been unable to find solutions to their formulation challenges with other CDMOs, we have been able to resolve their issues. The team at Altasciences always takes quick action to ensure that manufacturing stays on track, and monetary losses are minimized. If other CDMOs can’t do it, we can! 

2. Vast Experience

We have formulated a wide range of dosage forms, including:

With our broad range of experience, we can provide you with the manufacturing solution that best suits your needs.

3. Specialization

We are experts in formulating and developing liquid-filled capsules (LFCs), which provide faster absorption and higher product stability than solid oral dosage forms. LFCs are an optimal solution for poorly soluble/bioavailable and highly potent APIs. Using LFCs for clinical trials can save time due to their reduced need for excipients compared with other dosage forms. And LFCs offer advantages for late-stage trials and commercialization due to their easy scale-up of manufacturing.

4. Location

Our CDMO manufacturing and analytical facility’s strategic location in Philadelphia, an American Airlines hub, makes it easily accessible from our preclinical and clinical sites. That means that any changes in formulation or clinical material supply can be accommodated quickly.

In addition, all of our pharmaceutical manufacturing operations take place on a single campus. Our on-site R&D and formulation laboratories allow us to conduct drug product release testing and ICH stability testing quickly. With analytical, manufacturing, and cGMP warehouse capacity in one central location, your manufacturing requirements are fulfilled with speed and ease.

5. Seamless Communication

Great communication is a central aspect of our service offering. We proactively reach out to provide strategic guidance to our clients on an ongoing basis—not only during regularly scheduled meetings, but as needed. In addition, as an integrated CRO/CDMO, communication between teams and across sites is seamless and constant. Our Proactive Drug Development means that you only need to Tell Us OnceTM. Our results-driven exchange of information reduces complexities, mitigates risk, reduces timelines, and enables cost savings. Placing your studies with us from formulation to clinical trials to commercialization ensures a seamless process and saves you time.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Our team works closely with you to ensure your needs are met throughout the entire drug development process. Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service and establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. This includes expanding our site to include client-dedicated manufacturing facilities. If we don’t have the space to accommodate your CDMO requirements, we’ll build it!

For CDMO services at any stage of drug development and commercialization, Altasciences offers significant advantages. These include: expertise, experience, great communication, LFCs manufacturing capabilities, strategically located facilities, and a customer-centric approach.

If you are looking for a drug manufacturing partner to formulate your API, develop and manufacture your pharmaceutical product, and take you through to commercialization, reach out today to put your plan in motion.