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    My fellow Altascientists and I recently attended the 2024 annual Boston Society Gen

    Maximize Assay Sensitivity and Minimize Costs

    Strategies to Improve Assay Sensitivity to Quantify Therapeutic Oligonucleotides

    Are you looking for assays with enhanced sensitivity and minimal sample clean-up in small volumes?

    We can help.

    Our strategies enhance analytical sensitivity, reduce assay costs, and streamline workflows, optimizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your research and development processes.

    Discover this in this real-world example

    ​​​​Strategies to improve assay sensitivity to quantify therapeutic oligonucleotides

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    Sensitive Quantitation of Antisense Oligonucleotides Using Capitainer® qDBS Microsampling Device Coupled with Hybridization LC-MS/MS

    Antisense oligonucleotides—or ASOs—are short, synthetic, single-stranded oligonucleotides  extensively used for altering RNA expression to reduce, restore, or modify protein expression via several distinct mechanisms. With possible applications extending to both neurological and non-neurological conditions, there is great potential for valuable new therapeutics. 

    Strategies to Improve Assay Sensitivity to Quantify Therapeutic Oligonucleotides

    Singlicate Analysis in Ligand Binding Assays From Discovery to Regulated Clinical Studies: Implementation Strategies and Benefits

    FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR—Key Considerations for Nonclinical AAV Gene Therapy


    From Screening to PCR Analysis

    In this webinar on AAV gene therapy, we explore pre-existing immunity challenges, vector targets, biodistribution, and the role of PCR analysis in assessing therapy efficacy and safety.

    Also included are case studies that highlight the delicate balance between innovation and regulatory compliance.

    Watch now!

    ​​​​Webinar BioAnalysis Gene Therapy


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    The gene therapy landscape continues to accelerate in preclinical and clinical research, with programs constantly in development for targeted, personalized medicines. The goal is to safely incorporate genetic alterations to restore and repair the proteins of missing and/or faulty genes.

    Strategies for Safe and Timely Shipments


    Your Samples Are in Good Hands With Us!

    From regulatory precision to preserving sample integrity, shipments can be challenging. Let us navigate and mitigate these challenges for you with a team of logistical experts to:

          •   Streamline regulatory compliance through optimized documentation practices.
          •   Prioritize secure, temperature-controlled shipments with reliable couriers.
          •   Ensure your samples maintain their integrity with temperature monitoring, robust packaging, and contingency planning.
          •   Our tailored concierge-style sample shipping ensures your test materials reach the correct destination safely and on time.

    Sample Logistics

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