June 2022

Our Altascientists are hard at work, whether it’s on your drug development projects, or producing insightful scientific resources to share their knowledge with you. Catch up on what you may have missed, or revisit some highlights from the last three months.

The Drug Development Journey

A Message from Our CEO to You
Each quarter, Chris Perkin reflects on the past, present, and future of Altasciences.

News: Altasciences Receives CRO Leadership Award in All Five Categories!
Each year, Clinical Leader and Life Science Leader team up with ISR Reports to determine award recipients by assessing 50 CROs on more than 20 performance metrics in ISR’s annual Quality Benchmarking survey. This is the seventh time Altasciences has been recognized.

eBook: One Integrated Solution for Meeting Your Preclinical to Clinical Drug Development Needs
In conjunction with Biopharma Dive, Altasciences conducted a survey of over 143 biopharmaceutical executives to gain real-world perspective on the challenges they face, and shed some light on what motivates them to choose one CRO over another. The results are in.

Blog: The Impact of Social Factors on Drug Development
Drug development exists within the context of interrelated social factors that impact its norms and practices. This dynamic has a long history: in ancient Greece, learning to treat illnesses and injuries with medical remedies based on a growing understanding of physiology depended on a broader philosophical shift in society favoring logic over superstition – a transformation that continues to form the basis of modern-day science.

Preclinical Services

Five New Scientific Posters Presented at SOT 2022:

Clinical Services

Blog: Five Facts About Psychedelics for Mental Health
With an evolving regulatory environment easing some of the barriers to research, there is new hope for the development of potential treatments. Here’s what we know so far about psychedelics for the treatment of mental health illnesses.

Quick Chat: Experts in Complex Clinical Trials (with Dr. Morelli, MD)
Dr. Morelli, Chief Medical Officer at Altasciences, shares insight and first-hand experience in how we conduct your complex clinical trials, such as first‑in‑human and innovator studies.

On-Demand Webinar: Inside the Pharmacodynamic Toolbox
In this webinar, you will explore the flexible selection of pharmacodynamic measures to enhance the pharmacology, safety, and efficacy evaluation of a CNS-active drug in early clinical trials. Presented by Altasciences’ Dr. Beatrice Setnik, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Denise Milovan, Neuroscientist and Clinical Neuropsychologist.

On-Demand Webinar: Ethnobridging in Phase I Clinical Trials
In this webinar, Mel Affrime, PharmD, Executive Vice President of Translational Medicine at Altasciences, presents a strategy for enhancing asset value and accelerating global drug development.

Manufacturing and Analutical Services

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Liquid-Filled Capsules
Liquid-filled capsules offer several advantages over other solid dosage forms, but how much do you know about this alternative dosage form?

Case Study: Rapid Development of a Liquid-Filled, Hard-Shell Capsule Formulation of Cannabidiol
We partnered with Emyria to present the challenge of developing several oral formulation candidates for CBD from scratch for a new over-the-counter product in Australia.

Podcast: Episode #24 ― The Importance of a CDMO Consultant
Hosts Teresa Johnk (Biopharma Connections) and Michael Stenberg (Altasciences) chat with Dr. Daniel Levy, Owner and Principal Consultant at DEL BioPharma, to uncover key considerations for putting together your drug development and manufacturing program.

Quick Chat: Manufacturing and Handling Your Highly Potent APIs and Controlled Substances (with Ben Reed)
Not every CDMO is able or equipped to formulate, manufacture, analyze, and handle your highly potent APIs and controlled substances. Ben Reed, General Manager of CDMO Services, describes how Altasciences has both the equipment and expertise for all your highly potent API project.

Bioanalytical Services

eBook: Key Biomarkers of Immunomodulation ― Complement Factors and Cytokines
The movement toward personalized treatments with immunomodulatory effects has made testing biomarkers of immunomodulation increasingly important. In this new eBook (also available as an audiobook), we share comprehensive information about including the testing of these biomarkers in your drug development program.

Poster: Parallelism Challenges When Using Commercial Kits for Biomarker Quantitation
Presented at AAPS National Biotechnology Conference, this scientific poster describes the challenges and mitigation strategies we observed for three different biomarkers, demonstrating that different approaches are required for each one.

Research Support Services

Scientific Journal: Issue 23 — Robust Sample Management for Reliable Study Results
The quality of your trial data depends on a rigorous sample management process that safeguards the integrity of your samples, from initial specimen collection through bioanalysis, to post-study storage. Issue 23 (also available as an audiobook) delves deeper into sample management.

Unboxing Video: What’s Inside Altasciences’ Clinical Sample Collection Kit?
Our sample management kits provide all the materials necessary for accurate, efficient, and safe preparation, collection, and shipment of clinical samples from trial sites to bioanalytical laboratories.

Blog: Q&A with Dr. Nicole Maciolek — Setting Up Your Clinical Research for Success
To understand the value of research support services for your program, we sat down with Dr. Nicole Maciolek, PhD, Vice President of Research Services at Altasciences, for a quick Q&A period.